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Evalution Policy

CBSE adopted Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation keeping in mind that evaluation should be comprehensive in all aspects of child’s personality apart from academic progress. Regular interaction with parents provides crucial opportunity to exchange the information which is needed to assess the actual progress that students have made over time and what needs to be done to support their children’s further progress.

There are multiple modes of assessment.

  • Formal mode includes pen and paper method where child appears for written examination.
  • Non-formal modes include quizzes, debates, group discussions, and cross curricular group projects etc.

The basic assumption of Formative Assessment is that every child is provided with an opportunity to improve. Children are engaged in variety of activities in the assessment process, watching themselves grow, feeling in control of their success, and believing that continued success is within their reach if they keep trying.

Scheme of Examination:

L.K.G & U.K.G
First Term(April to September) Second Term(October to March)
One Formative assessments FA1 One Formative assessments FA2
Term end exam: Summative Assessment SA1 Term end exam: Summative Assessment SA2
LKG/ UKG: Grades are awarded in two terminal tests in a year. Promotion is granted on the basis of overall performance.

First Term (April to September) Second Term (October to March)
Two Formative assessments FA1 & FA2 Two Formative assessments FA3 & Fa4
Term end exam: Summative Assessment SA1 Term end exam: Summative Assessment SA2
In all exams Grades are awarded as per the detail given below and promotion is granted on the basis of overall performance in all the exams around the year.

Note: Syllabus covered during FA-1 and FA-2 exam will be part of SA-1 exam also and similarly syllabus covered during FA-3 and FA-4 exam will be part of SA-2 exam.

Grade System:

Grade Marks Range
A1 91%-100%
A2 81%-90%
B1 71%-80%
B2 61%-70%
C1 51%-60%
C2 41%-50%
D 33%-40%
E1 21%-32%
E2 0%-20%